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Kim Olsen Author


Endlessly curious and forever going to the nth page of Google to dig up nuggets of research, I've written about a variety of topics for both print and digital media.

I have a passion for narrative nonfiction that blends substance with style: first you bake the cake (what is this about / what are you trying to say / why does anyone care) then you frost it (voice, tone, structure). That said, I'm always down to pump out blog posts, listicles, and sometimes, the occasional sports bracket (scroll to the end for the cherry on top).

Below is a sample of my work. And before you ask, yes, Pusha T is still my favorite interviewee to date.


What is “Stage Zero” Breast Cancer—and Should You Be Worried About It?, Washingtonian (2019)

How Eric Martino, COO of José Andrés’s ThinkFoodGroup, Balances Family, Restaurants, and a Little Late-Night Pick-Up Basketball, Washingtonian (2019)

More People Are Allergic to Cockroaches Than to Cats, Washingtonian (2019)


This Treatment Helps Women Keep the Hair They Have—and Regrow What They’ve Lost, Washingtonian (2019)

Out of Prison and on Parole, He Started Training out of His Apartment Building’s Laundry Room. Now, He Counts Pusha T As A Client. Meet Trell the Trainer, Washingtonian (2018)

She Thought the Stomach Cramps Were from Her Food Truck Diet. At 33, She Was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, Washingtonian (2018)

Oscar de la Renta Partners with Maryland Native to Debut Hoodies for Cancer Patients, Washingtonian (2018)

Olympian Hopeful Demssew Abebe Was Tortured Until He Couldn’t Walk. Tomorrow, He’ll Run Again, Washingtonian (2018)

Chuck Todd on Why He's a Runner, Washingtonian (2018)

Georgetown’s Dean of Medical Research on the Joys of Being Wrong, Washingtonian (2018)

“Working Out Saved My Life:” When She Got Back from Iraq, She Was Diagnosed with Gulf War Illness. Now She’s Crushed 27 Triathlons, Washingtonian (2018)

Meet the Doctor Who’s Roasting Coffee to Fund Surgeries in Developing Countries, Washingtonian (2018)

Her Father Died When She Was 20. A Week Later, She Learned She Was Part of His Second Family, Washingtonian (2018)


A Conversation with Amanda Kate Galbraith on Acceptance, Friendship, and the Strength it Took to Finally Be Herself, ALX Community (2022)

Planned Parenthood’s CEO on What’s Next for Patients if Title X is Defunded, Washingtonian (2018)

Here’s How Capital One Arena Transforms When Both the Capitals and the Wizards are in the Playoffs, Washingtonian (2018)

You Shouldn’t Look Away When White Nationalists Rally at the Lincoln Memorial, Washingtonian (2017)

What Would DC Look Like with a Much Smaller Federal Government? Washingtonian (2017)

This Virginia Town Can’t Get Rid of Richard Spencer, and It’s Driving Locals Crazy, Washingtonian (2017)

Where Braden Holtby Buys His Coffee and Gets His Beard Trimmed in Old Town, Washingtonian (2017)

Washingtonians of the Year, Washingtonian (2017)

Randy Quaid Is Approaching DC, Washingtonian (2017)

MGM v. the Trump Hotel: The Definitive Comparison, Washingtonian (2016)


Gregory D. Gadson on Leadership, Heroes, and What He’s Most Passionate About Today, ALX Community (2022)

Continuing Service in the Science of Helping Veterans, Pittsburgh Magazine (2018)


The Washington Capitals’ Journey to Winning the Stanley Cup, Washingtonian (2018)

Elderly Veterans Get a Smooch, and a Hearty “Welcome Home” on the Mall, Washingtonian (2017)

These Photos of the Caps Visiting Sick Kids Will Make Your Day Better, Washingtonian (2017)


The Runner’s Guide to Washington: Who Runs This Town? Washingtonian (2108)

An Insider’s Guide to Mastering Washington’s Real Estate Market, Washingtonian (2017)


Little Miss Whiskey’s Wins DC Sports Bar Smackdown, Washingtonian (2017)

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