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Nowadays, more and more couples are eschewing tradition for a wedding celebration that feels more reflective of who they are and what they value. Whether it's a courthouse ceremony or a weeklong destination trip, there are so many ways to celebrate a union that don't require a big white dress, months of stressful planning, and an inflated budget.


Your Wedding, Your Way is a resourceful handbook for modern couples who want to celebrate their marriage in a way that feels true to them and is financially reasonable, whether that's an elegant dinner party, a weekend camping trip in a national park, or a road trip to Vegas.

For couples who want to do things a little differently, Your Wedding, Your Way is a resourceful guide full of helpful advice and how-tos, fun sidebars and listicles, and anecdotes from real couples who did it themselves. Modern couples of all ages, backgrounds, and identities who aren't interested in the traditional wedding hoopla and are looking for alternative ways to celebrate will appreciate this practical handbook—particularly millennials and Gen-Zers who've reevaluated their priorities in recent years; who feel disconnected from antiquated traditions; who are getting married later and financing their wedding themselves; and who prefer meaningful experiences over things.

"As a gay man, the idea of traditional weddings was not exciting to me, nor is the market focused on gay marriages. I did not know what direction to go in but this book provides so many great insights on elopements! I felt as though this is exactly how I wanted to celebrate my love! I highly recommend for anyone looking to celebrate beyond the traditional wedding!" - BRANDON

"Your Wedding, Your Way doesn't let a single detail fall to the wayside, whether it's whimsical (choosing stationery to set the tone for your unique event) or practical (understanding waiting periods for marriage licenses, laws by state, international marriage laws, etc).

While it totally covers all the important bases, it's more than a typical wedding planner or budget guide. It offers REAL couples' stories with their deeply personal reasons for eloping, and REAL money talk when it comes to prioritizing wedding day elements." - NATASHA

"A great read. I loved the stories throughout. So many great ideas and tips, I'm excited to start planning. Also it has a pocket inside the cover to hold my notes!" - SARAH

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